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Family owned and operated since 2011!

Our Story

Pipe Dreams is Southwest Michigan’s Largest Retailer of Tobacco, Cigars, Vape and E-Cigarettes, Pipes, Water Pipes, Papers and Wraps, Tie Dye and Eclectic Clothing, Bags and Wallets, Jewelry, Body Jewelry, Incense, Candles, Posters, Gifts, Novelties and so much more!

With over 3,000 products in store, you have to come check us out!


Receipt Required For All Returns

Returns must be completed within 14 days of purchase.

We reserve the right to refuse the return of any merchandise that does not meet our requirements. 

Returns Allowed!


No Returns


No Returns

No Returns At All:

We Do Not accept Personal Checks or EBT/ Bridge Cards.
We Do Not offer cash back with debit/credit card transactions, but there are 3 ATMs within walking distance.

Accepted Payment Methods


Credit & Debit Cards

Credit & Debit Cards

We accept all the major ones and some minor ones, too!

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

G Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay. Whatever fancy app you got, we can take!

Cold, Hard Cash

Cold, Hard Cash

Washington. Lincoln. Hamilton. Grant. Franklin.
They’re all good here!



Go ahead. Raid your piggy bank!


Instant Bank Direct Debit Payments

Instant Bank Direct Payments

The money is withdrawn directly from your bank account. Super Secure and Super Quick!


*Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Made Statements

Are you a dispensary?

Unfortunately, the Village of Paw Paw has decided not to allow recreational sales of Marijuana. 

The closest dispensary to us is Canna43. Tell them Pipe Dreams sent ya!

Do you accept manufacturer coupons?

No, we do not. 

Are you hiring?

We are not currently hiring, but we are always accepting applications. You can fill one out in-store or e-mail your resume.

I make really cool stuff! Would you be interested in carrying my products?

We are always looking to support local artists and craftspeople. Bring in some examples of your work and we’ll see what we can work out!

What happened to all your grow stuff?

We stopped carrying grow products a few years ago. While we miss some of our gardener buddies, we do not miss hauling around giant bags of dirt.

Van Buren Hydroponics is another local business to check out for your grow needs.

We also recommend Smith Lumber in Hartford.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We offer discounts for Medical Marijuana card holders, Active Military, Military Veterans, First Responders, Law Enforcement and Birthdays!

Proof must be provided at check out. Birthday discount only applies if you shop on your actual birthday.

Do you sell fine cigars?

We sure do! We even offer a 10% discount when you purchase 3 or more cigars! Come check out our humidor.

I need coils for this *shows device*

If you bought your vape from us, chances are we will have the coils you need. If you bought it elsewhere, the chances are slimmer, but still possible. If you bought your mod in 2008 but it was eaten by your couch in 2010 and you just found it again because you moved recently and it fell out of the couch while moving it up 2 flights of stairs… we still might be able to help you!

I need a carton of my favorite smokes!

We do not always have cartons on hand. The best way to make sure we have what you need, when you need it, is to contact us on either Monday or Thursday and we can have it ready for you the following day.

I broke my bong/pipe/nectar collector/etc but I don’t know what I need to fix it. Help?

The easiest way to get you squared away is to bring in the shattered remnants of your favorite piece. Then we can be sure we’re giving you the exact parts you need to get up and running again.

I have a burning question that is not answered here!

Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Enquiring minds want to know. Go ahead and contact us any way you wish. We’ll get you the answers you need.

Did you have a great experience at our shop?

Maybe you recently had an epiphany and solved the problem of quantum gravity. Or you found the best gluten free cookie recipe and just have to share it with the world.

Tell us all about it here. We love to hear from our Pipe Dreamers!


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