White Rhino Dab Out Kit with/ Glass Straw


The White Rhino DabOut Kit with a Silicone Straw Kit consists of a 5.4″ silicone storage case with on-board concentrate storage and includes a White Rhino glass dab straw and dabber tool.

The on-board storage has three divided sections for multiple concentrates. Users heat the straw tip and dab directly from the case. Perfect for on the go use. Since the case is made with heat resistant silicone, the straw can be put away while its still hot. Just add a torch to this kit and you are good to go. This is convenient dabbing on-the-go at it’s finest!

Heating the tip of the straw generally takes about 5-10 seconds with a small torch. Avoid overheating.


  • 1 x Dabout Silicone Container
  • 1 x White Glass Dab Straw
  • 1 x Dab Tool

The White Rhino glass straw is made from high-quality pyrex glass and stands 5″ tall x 12mm. This glass dab straw also features a silicone cap to keep the tip from getting dirty. Works best with silicone jars or a dab dish.

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White Rhino Dab Out Kit with/ Glass Straw



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